Horsepower the Movie

A feature-length documentary film that explores the rescue efforts of devoted horse people & the disturbing truths about rescue, slaughter & the current welfare of horses in America.


This mini-documentary is an intimate preview of the forthcoming feature film:


 Horsepower tells the tragic - and currently unfolding - story of the mistreatment,
trade & slaughter of American horses for their meat.


A horse rescue devotee builds relationships with livestock traders to save horses from inhumane death and possible human consumption, while a national debate reveals the shocking truths about the lives, rescue and slaughter of American horses. 

The Goal

To educate both equine and mainstream audiences about the current welfare of horses in America by telling a story of real people whose lives revolve around the sale, slaughter and rescue of horses.

We strongly believe this movie will raise awareness and positively impact horse care, regulation and rescue. Our end goal is to re-ignite America's love affair with the horse!


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